Free Sports Betting Contest: Share Pools

Ever wanted to learn about sports betting but just couldn’t get to Las Vegas to try it out?  No worries, Contest General has you covered with out unique Share Pool contests.  The concept is very simple and easy to manager with minimal upkeep required.  Each player in the contest is given a starting number of shares 1 – 1,000,000 and is allowed to make a maximum amount of picks each week risking a number of “shares” to each pick in the hopes of increasing the amount of shares they have.  The person at the end of the contest period with the most amount of shares wins.

In our share pool format you have the option to risk shares on picks against the spread and totals.  We allow for straight picks or parlay and teasers just like you would at any Las Vegas sportsbook only without the risk of real money.  Our platform offers share pools on any combination of the following sports leagues:

NCAA Football
NCAA Basketball

The contest manager has the option to set a maximum amount of picks per week as well the maximum amount of shares risked per pick with an option to allow for a reload of shares if someone should lose all their shares prematurely.  Share pools allow you to learn about the principles of bank roll management as well as test your handicapping prowess with any real risk accept maybe to your ego should you bust out quickly.  With our leader board you can track other players plays and share holder leaders as well as trash talk message board just to keep things interesting.

Learn more about sports betting without any real financial risk.  Set up a share pool contest today for you and your buddies and find out who the real handicapper is.  Share pools can be created for FREE!!!  If you like what you see then it is a one time fee of $19.99 which includes up to 10 players.  If you have a lot of friends it is simply an  additional $2 per player over 10.

Find out more about Share Pool Contests today by registering your Contest General account.

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